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Welcome to 5C Ranch

After change of goals, directions and creative differences it was decided a separation was needed from another miniature horse farm. In 2019, 5C Ranch was established and named in honor of the five members of the Curtis Family,

5C Ranch has a dream with the overall goal of specializing in poultry (turkeys and chickens) and AMHA and AMHR registered miniature horses. 

Our miniature horse are selected on 3 things: confirmation, skill and personality. With the goal of raising horses that can go from the show ring to everyday family life. It was important to find the perfect blend of beauty and brains. With the addition of our herd sire, Scott Creek Monarch Nightflight, in 2016 this goal was achieved.


Night, as he is called at home, was the embodiment of everything we wished to achieve. He has the looks, brains and personality. Despite his diva attitude he is a huge asset to the farm and the heart horse to Heather. His foals posses his looks, brains and personality and we couldn't be more excited. 

Our chickens are still a work in progress and we hope to be selling olive egg laying chickens in the next couple of years. 

We do not train outside horses.

We are very excited to see where our journey will lead us.


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