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American Serama


The American Serama is the smallest and proudest chicken in the world. Some people believe them to look like little soldiers, especially when in pose mode. Due to their size, temperament and friendliness a lot of people in Malaysia keep them in their houses as house pets.

Serama Bantams


What is special about the Serama bantam?

The wonderful, tiny, Malaysian Serama, also known as the Ayam Serama is named after Raja Sri Rama a mythical character from shadow puppet plays. The Malaysian Serama is one of the rarest breeds of chickens in the world and are the smallest chicken and lightest chicken in the world.

There are many different "styles" or "types" of Serama.

The main difference between a Serama and a regular chicken is their size. Serama are very small so they need to be kept safe from predators, and also kept warm.

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