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Heritage  Turkeys

Our Heritage Turkeys

Our Heritage turkeys are raised free range with ample space for exercise and space to spread their wings. 

Heritage turkeys grow much slower than their commercial cousins and require more space and time to grow and develop. With open fields & lots of exercise they are extremely healthy. 


We hand raise our birds from egg all the way through to maturity. ON occasion a hen does manage to slip away a raise her own offspring which is also amazing to see.


We do process our birds one they reach a certain size but also sell hatching eggs and live birds from poult age and up.

We do not raise a large amount of heritage turkeys we only have about 4 who live on the farm all year. We believe in pouring all of our love and attention into a small flock, giving each bird the attention they deserve. If you are interested in one of our heritage turkeys either processed or living please get on the waiting list fast.

I will be contacting those on the waiting list in the order they appear first then taking all other orders. 

Please note that hatching eggs are available during certain times of the year. Turkeys do not lay all year long like chickens. They primarily lay from March to August. At this time we do not ship eggs or birds. Pickup or delivery only with fee for delivery. 

2023 Heritage Turkey
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If pre-ordered before 5/01/23 you'll receive a pie from Costco when your turkey is either delivered or picked up. ONLY applies to processed birds.

Thanks for your pre-order!

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