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Commercial  Turkeys


Our Commercial Turkeys

Our commercial turkeys are raised free range with ample space for exercise and space to spread their wings. They are fed with some of the best feed on the market and always antibiotic free and no added growth hormones..

Our birds are Pasture Raised with ample space, fresh air, sunshine, open pastures & lots of exercise. They are locally raised in rural Yamhill, Oregon, only 45 minutes away from I5. 


We hand raise our birds from poults all the way through to processing done at Mineral Springs Poultry. A few turkeys are selected and raised for 4-H and sold at the 4-H market auction by the head but the rest are sold by the pound after processing. Our birds average 16-20lbs with a few hitting 24lbs or larger. 

2022 we sold out fast because we do not raise a large amount of turkeys. We believe in pouring all of our attention into a small flock, giving each bird the attention they deserve. If you are interested in one of our commercial turkeys please get on the waiting list fast. I will be contacting those on the waiting list in the order they appear first then taking all other orders. 


What People Say about our turkeys...

2023 Turkey
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If pre-ordered before 5/01/23 you'll receive a pie from Costco when your turkey is either delivered or picked up.

Thanks for your pre-order!

I had to get 2 this year

I got turkey from here last year, and it was so good I had to get 2 this year. I want to know my turkey has had a quality life and raised by people who are good stewards of their animals. Seriously, it makes for a better tasting turkey.

- Sara J.

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