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Horses Sold

Every horse we have sold has left their hoof prints in our hearts and souls. They will forever be treasured and greatly missed; Thank you to all of the wonderful families who now love these horses as we have loved them.

Country RDS Hughstons Rio Grande

Weeokies Reflections Hughston X Running Creeks B Magic

Congratulations to Rio's new owners


Lazy RS Scouts High Class Lady

Fallen Ash Farms Talent Scout X Stormy Rivers High Class Flash

Congratulations to Lady's new owners, the Parrish family

image0 (1)a.jpeg

Elegant Art Tru Inspirato

Lot SA Funs Tru Snap Shot X Zarzuelal Sabrosa

Congratulations to Tru's new owners, the Parrish family


5C Ranch Colored With Chrome

Scott Creek Indi Chrome Wheels X Equisport Colored N Vogue

Congratulations to Lulu's new owners, Oak Bay Acres

5C Ranch Angelic Night

Scott Creek Monarch Nightflight X MSR Majestys Angelique 

Congratulations to Dilly's new owners!

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