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Our Turkeys

All of our turkeys are raised with the upmost care

and love poured into them. Our birds are pasture free range from the day they can go outside safely. They get to live life, stretch their legs and wings, eat bugs, fresh black berries during the warmer months; apples and pumpkins during the fall months and greens such as white clover all year and generally live like turkeys are supposed to. 


Many of our customers are repeat customers and will not buy store turkeys anymore after they have ours.


The turkeys grow outside, with the best food and loving attention. With all of this we know you'll taste the difference. Broad breasted turkeys and heritage turkeys cost the same per a pound and range from 12 pounds to 25 with most in the 15-20 range. Broad Breasted turkeys are ready between 16-20 weeks of age and Heritage turkeys are ready between 8-12 months of age. 


Our children also help in raising our turkeys and show them at the Yamhill County Fair during the 1st week of August. However, 2023 Only 1 of our turkeys will be sold at the Yamhill County Auction. If you are interested in learning about their 4-H projects click here

If you are interested in one of our  Broad Breasted Turkeys or Heritage Turkey for next year please fill out our form to be added to our wait list Just note that our heritage numbers depend on our hens as they are the ones who lay the.

As of November 21st we are completely SOLD OUT of turkeys for 2022. 

What is the difference between broad breasted (BB) and heritage?

Broad-breasted turkeys are modern standards and have a higher proportion of white meat, about a 70/30 on average. These turkeys look like a grocery store turkey but they taste so much better!


Heritage turkeys are more even in the white meat to dark meat about 55/45. These turkeys do not have the big round breast like the store turkeys but their flavor has had more time to grow. They are extremely active birds making their meat lean and full of flavor.

We do sell live birds too. Heritage turkeys make wonderful additions to any flock. If you are interested in purchasing a live turkey please contact us directly.

Pros to raising heritage turkeys vs broad breasted

With raising both heritage turkey variety and broad breasted turkeys this year there are pros and cons for each. Here are some of the reasons to choose heritage turkeys for your flock or farm…

  • Heritage turkeys like to forage for a lot of their own grub, cleaning up pests around the farm.

  • They don’t need as much feed as ‘Broad Breasted’ (BB) turkeys. We will need to feed the breeding stock year-round, however.

  • Heritage turkeys reproduce naturally while BB turkeys must be artificially inseminated.

  • By raising a heritage breed, we are helping livestock conservation efforts.

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